Monday, January 4, 2010

Love and Desire

A collage I made of some of my favorite and most desired things! Silver and gold Bullet necklace, which I really just want to tie around the ankle of my boot. Gloves, gloves, gloves! FancyCake is starting to make a line of leather gloves in lots of lovely colors and styles, I will post them soon! Fur coats and cut offs... what a perfect match! And last but not least lace up high heel booties! LOVE

A Few More FancyCake Photos

Some more photos from FancyCake's Santa Monica escapade!

FancyCake at the Beach

Cupcake and I photographed the beautiful Keverly in some of our FancyCake creations this afternoon. We ventured around Santa Monica finding some of the most amazing locations and gorgeous lighting provided by the lovely orange southern california sunset. All the garments and the gloves were made by Cupcake (Jessie Busse) and I (Faith Bartruff)
What a wonderful day!